About Us

    A young entrepreneur began this journey way back in 1978 in a bylane of Janjikar Street Crawford Market, Mumbai. The very fact of a humble beginning with big dreams in the eyes and determination to realise them has reached to a conglomerate company known to all as Akbar Travels of India …and the journey is still continuing.

The man Mr. K.V. Abdul Nazar, with his exemplary qualities such as dreaming big, planning with strong determination, hard work, taking the people together and working with the single mindedness of the purpose of achieving big dreams has ultimately achieved phenomenal growth for Akbar Group. He is an individual with never say die spirit. From the beginning, the emphasis was on rendering quality services to the customers. Those who once avail the service of the company, cherish for long rich experience.

From a modest beginning, Akbar Travels of India went on to become the leading consolidator/wholesaler in India and earned the reputation and trust of individual passengers, corporates and travel agents alike. The travel business is not restricted to only the sale of tickets, the ticket serves as the means to several other ancillaries and auxiliary services that provides income to the Akbar Group. The services like foreign exchange, travel insurance, holiday packages, visa, travel documentation etc form the very base of the travel agent's existence. As is in every business enterprise, to limit oneself is to restrict one's growth. In the case of Mr. Nazar, the horizon was limitless and the hunger to expand knew no boundaries. Starting with just one Head Office in Mumbai and about twenty branches in cities like Mangalore, Cochin, Trivandrum, Chennai etc, the company went on to spread its wings in other major metros like Delhi, Kolkata, Jalandhar, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Lucknow etc. From once having just one office in each major city, the Akbar Group now has two to three branches in every major city of the country. Since the year 2005, the Akbar Group decided to expand overseas and started the Middle East operations from three offices in the United Arab Emirates, we now have seventeen offices in the UAE and other ten offices located in Gulf like Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Doha and Muscat.

Eventually, new foreign shores were conquered in the year 2013 which saw the Akbar Group take a transatlantic leap into the United States of America, by establishing two offices in prominent locations like Manhattan in New York and Houston in Texas. The Akbar group made its mark in America and slowly and steadily is expanding its business out there. The company didn’t limit its existence to just the United States. In the year 2014, it established its first offices in the United Kingdom at a prominent location in Southall. Before the year 2014 ended, The Akbar group opened first office in the far East at Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. All in all the commitment made by an individual to serve as a service provider and to provide the best service in the industry earned the Akbar Group the title of a twenty-four hour nonstop travel shop.

The Akbar Travels is the only travel company to have its presence at practically almost every airport in India, providing services like a PRO at the airport, ticketing, foreign exchange, facilitating passengers who have purchased tickets from elsewhere and are looking for assistance towards rerouting or change in schedule, our trained team of professionals are always there to help. The Akbar Group is also known best for its religious pilgrim operations to Makkah and Madina and is the largest tour operator for HAJJ and UMRAH. The Holiday segment is a challenging area and to take care thereof, we launched Akbar Holidays which today is the leading holiday tour operator in the country.The Akbar Group over the years has also made increasingly its presence felt in medical tourism and is arranging for getting overseas patients treated in India at the best medical facilities. Presently, Akbar Group has 3000 dedicated employees, who selflessly strive for the betterment of the group. Currently, the group's Turnover is USD705 Million 

All this and much more could only have come about with foresight, sheer hard work, planning, determination, and teamwork. We continue to grow with the blessings and goodwill of the entire travel fraternity at large. It is a sincere belief of Mr. K.V. Abdul Nazar - CMD of Akbar Group, that it is the continued patronage of the customers and staff involved directly or indirectly which is the main factor leading to the phenomenal growth of the Akbar Group.